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Legal audit in Morocco (2024) : A complete Guide

Legal audit in Morocco In the Moroccan economic landscape, the mission of the statutory auditor or legal auditor is provided for by several laws in Morocco. It concerns in particular: First, all public limited companies Secondly,…
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Creating a company in Morocco: 3 essential tips

Creating a company in Morocco represents an attractive opportunity in 2024 for many entrepreneurs, both local and international. This North African country, known for its political and economic stability, offers a favorable business environment,…
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Simplified joint stock company (SAS)

The Simplified joint stock company (SAS) in Morocco : a lever for strengthening contractual freedom The SAS (Simplified Joint Stock Company) is a legal form of company which was introduced by Law No. 19-20 . In fact, this law modifies Laws…
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Foreign assets held by a moroccan resident : IGOC 2024

The notion of foreign assets is key in foreign exchange regulations in Morocco. In fact, these assets expose their resident holders to obligations in accordance with the legislative provisions in force. These include declaration and retention…
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Payment Deadlines in morocco (2024) : A Comprehensive Overview

Payment deadlines: here is what changes from 2023 in Morocco Law 69-21 recently promulgated in Morocco, relating to payment deadlines, was officially included in the Official Bulletin of June 15, 2023. This law on payment deadlines aims…
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Legal Reserve Requirement for SARLs in Morocco

Understanding the Legal Reserve Requirement for SARLs in Morocco In Morocco, Limited Liability Companies (Sociétés à Responsabilité Limitée - SARL) are subject to specific legal requirements, one of which is the constitution of a legal…
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Legal Formalities in morocco – Upsilon Assists You

Qualified Formalities Team for Comprehensive Legal Services Our firm boasts a team of skilled formalists capable of handling all your business's legal formalities. From capital increases, capital reductions, and head office transfers to…

Termination of employment in Morocco

Termination of employment in Morocco This is a translation and summary of an original article in French: Licenciement au Maroc In Morocco, the process of dismissal, known…
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Chartered Accountant in Morocco – How to Enter the Profession?

How to Become a Chartered Accountant in Morocco (also called certified public accountant) Becoming a chartered accountant in Morocco (or certified public accountant) also means being a primary interlocutor for business leaders. Indeed,…