We are a reference firm on the spot for payroll management in Morocco. Our teams take care of several clients with a total of more than 7000 employees under our responsibility.

Entrust us with your payroll, and free your mind…

Your employees must receive a payslip at the time of the monthly salary payment. It must contain a number of mandatory legal notices. In addition, tax and social security obligations are incumbent on the employer.

Upsilon Consulting is there to support you in this process.

  • Keeping and managing your staff’s payroll : By entrusting us with payroll management, we :
    • help you draw up your employment contracts
    • manage all legal services related to your payroll management
    • prepare pay slips in accordance with the employment contracts,
    • follow the respect of legal obligations (legal books, salary representations, internal regulations…)
    • help optimize the structure of salary costs
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  • Outsourcing of payroll-related social declarations

The teams of our firm take care of the elaboration, tele-declaration and tele-payment of :

  • CNSS (National Social Security Fund)
  • Mutual insurance and pension if applicable
  • IR (Income Tax)
  • Status 9421

Finally, we will send you the information within the agreed deadlines for payments to be issued online.

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By working with us, you have the guarantee of :

  • Payroll management in compliance with legal requirements
  • Payslips whose headings are optimized in compliance with tax regulations
  • Adapted advice on your company’s compliance with the legal provisions in force (conventions, internal regulations, health and safety, occupational medicine, etc.).
  • Good management of your expatriate obligations
  • Fast and efficient service

Our teams speak fluently English and French.

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