Due diligence

A project to sell or acquire a company? Our teams are at your side.

Upsilon Consulting assists its clients with the acquisition or sale of companies.

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Use our expertise to increase your project’s chances of success .

We offer a range of services including:

  • Tax due diligence: We help you control your tax risks and understand them before you are audited. If you are a buyer, thanks to our tax expertise, you will know beforehand the possible risks you may encounter;
  • Financial due diligence: Whether it is to assess the financial health of the target company or to perform a company valuation, we are equipped and ready to assist you.

Upsilon Consulting, with its multidisciplinary team, can assist you in your buyer and seller due diligence as well as in your strategic investment and financing decisions.

Our objective will always be to provide you with relevant and comprehensive advice, whether you are buying or selling, through the following services:

  • Company valuation (Acquisition price valuation and goodwill allocation) using standard methods (asset method, comparable method, EBITDA multiples method, and/or DCF method;
  • Legal, accounting and tax due diligence;
  • Assessment of the risks and opportunities of the targeted transaction;
  • Assistance in negotiations until the transaction is finalized;
  • Review of financial aspects included in legal documents such as acquisition contracts (Sales and Purchase Agreement – SPA);
  • Drafting of SPAs, shareholders’ agreements, asset and liability guarantees;
  • Filing documents with administrations;

Upsilon supports you during your projects in order to define your financing strategy through: Preparation of documentation for obtaining credits