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Social solidarity contribution in Morocco

Social solidarity contribution for natural and legal persons The Moroccan finance law for 2021 established a social solidarity contribution . The stated goal is to establish participation in the financing of the health insurance…
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Corporate income tax: accounting rules in force in Morocco

This article deals with the accounting rules in force in Morocco in relation to corporation tax. This article is up-to-date with the accounting provisions in force in 2024. Definition and concept of accounting rules in force in Morocco Corporation…

Accounting journal book in Morocco: an essential accounting tool

In the field of accounting, the accounting journal book is an essential pillar for maintaining accurate financial records.
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Corporate Tax Calculation in Morocco: An Overview

Corporate tax calculation is an important step for all businesses in Morocco. Indeed, with constant changes in regulations, it is important to ensure that the calculation of corporate tax and IS installments is up to date. Corporate tax…
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Deductible operating allowances in Morocco (2024)

allowances Operating allowances are deductible expenses in terms of corporate taxes for businesses in Morocco. Having a detailed understanding is a necessity for navigating Moroccan taxation. Indeed, Moroccan taxation is complex and…

Auto Entrepreneur in Morocco : Practical Guide

Introduction Becoming an Auto Entrepreneur in Morocco: A Path to Business Success Are you considering starting your own business in Morocco ? The auto entrepreneur (AE) status might be the perfect fit for you. This guide provides a comprehensive…
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Taxpayer’s overall tax situation in Morocco (2024)

Taxpayer's overall tax situation Examination (ESFE Morocco) is one of the most feared procedures during a tax audit of a natural person. This examination, carried out by the Tax Administration, aims to determine whether an individual's lifestyle…
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Merger and Acquisition in Morocco : 1 stop service

Merger and acquisition in Morocco Merger and acquisition operations (M&A) are crucial growth levers in the Moroccan entrepreneurial landscape. These strategic operations offer great flexibility and unique advantages for companies looking…
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Morocco-France tax convention

The economic and fiscal relationship between Morocco and France is marked by an essential agreement, the Morocco-France Tax Convention. This agreement plays a crucial role in defining tax obligations for individuals and businesses operating…