With our team of tax specialists, we offer you personalized advice that allows you to optimize your tax situation in Morocco, we offer you a professional and high level tax advice which is adapted to your needs.

Do you have an international tax issue? Do you need advice to build a tax structure in the context of an investment in Morocco? Do you need an informed tax advice for a given transaction? Are you in a tax audit period? Do you have a dispute with the tax authorities?

Upsilon Consulting has a set of solutions.

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Our teams can assist you in the following areas:

  • Tax advice note: We draft documented and justified tax notes allowing you to take a secure tax position and manage your tax risk as effectively as possible. All our tax advice notes are written in compliance with the standards applicable in the profession, and include the necessary legal references to all applicable texts:
    • General Tax Code
    • Tax Administration Circular Notes
    • Previous Q&A from the tax authorities
  • Legal and tax arrangements and restructuring operations
    Are you in the presence of a legal and tax arrangement with tax implications? Restructuring operations (mergers, acquisitions, partial contributions of assets,…). Our teams are at your disposal to listen to you in order to:

    • Analyze the project you are carrying and make sure you benefit from all the tax opportunities;
    • Identify the risks inherent to your transaction and provide you with informed tax advice in order to best manage the transaction.

The situations we have already successfully managed and added great value for our clients are very diverse.

We will be happy to meet you and discuss your projects before offering our assistance.

  • Tax audit and litigation
    Our teams have extensive experience in tax audit assignments. We advise our clients continuously in all stages of such a procedure:

    • Preparation of the tax audit: This phase includes an educational phase, when necessary, to prepare the teams for the performance of the tax auditor’s mission, their rights and obligations in the context of these procedures. This phase also includes an analysis of the documentation and archives to ensure that the control will be carried out under the right conditions.
    • During the tax audit: Our teams can assist you to ensure good communication between the audit teams and the accounting/financial teams. The law gives you the right to be accompanied, assert this right;
    • Contradictory procedure: Once the heads of recovery have been communicated by the administration, we assist you in the procedure for responding to the heads of recovery. We assist our clients in meetings with the administration and manage the amicable settlement procedures with the administration for our clients. In the event of litigation, our teams have a practice of the appeal stages and our experts are authorized to accompany you towards tax commissions.

In almost all cases, our teams reach amicable agreements that are favorable to our clients.

Using our team is a guarantee of the success of the procedure.

Our commitments

  • A suitable advice to determine the best strategy to adopt
  • An adapted action to obtain the best possible results from your tax audit
  • An adapted negotiation in order to obtain the most favorable payment terms, if necessary
  • Consolidation of your company’s continuity through optimal tax decisions later on