Company Installation

Do you want to start a company in Morocco? Do you feel lost because of the administrative procedures or just don’t have time?

We are here to serve you.

We have a turnkey company creation service.

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Upsilon Consulting’s teams take care of the installation of your company from A to Z.

Our services include:

  • Obtaining a negative certificate to secure your company’s name (or brand name if applicable);
  • Drafting of all legal documents (articles of association, appointment of managers, etc.);
  • Fulfilling legal formalities with all Moroccan administrations (Tax administration, Trade Court, National Social Security Fund,…);
  • Completing all legal publicity formalities

If you are a foreign investor, benefiting from the convertibility of your investment in Morocco requires compliance with a particular formalism. Don’t worry, our teams have a perfect knowledge of the procedures. You will not find this service with our competitors.

The creation of your company is often an opportunity to familiarize yourself with Moroccan regulations :

Book an appointment and come and visit us: A free interview to guide you through the process on the phone or at our offices.

If you have a specific need, tell us about your problem and we will find the solution. We can provide you with a personalized service adapted to your needs.

Upsilon Consulting handles all the formalities necessary for registration in the commercial register, identification with the tax authorities and the CNSS.

Upsilon Consulting advises you on the choice of your legal form.