Tax ID in Morocco

Social audit

Is social audit in Morocco of the same importance as other audits (accounting, tax, etc.)? Does social audit have its place in the daily life of a company? How do companies assess their compliance with current social regulations? In Morocco, the dilemma that social audit presents us with takes place in an ever-changing environment. As […]

Land development operations (VAT)

VAT on land development operations  From a VAT standpoint, the development and servicing of building lots is deemed to be a real estate operation The General Tax Code (GTC) defines a land developer as “any person who carries out development or servicing work on building lots with the purpose of selling it in its entirety […]

Bookkeeping in Morocco

Accounting in Morocco

Why you should entrust your accounting in Morocco to a qualified professional: First of all, a company can choose to do its accounting in several ways: In-house accounting: most large companies have an accounting department. As such their accounting is done internally. Outsourced accounting: Other companies can choose to outsource their accounting to more specialized […]

Tax clearance for permanent departure: Procedure

Tax clearance certificate is a necessary document for resident foreigners who want to leave the Moroccan territory. Indeed, this document is necessary to: First, close the bank accounts in Morocco permanently; Second, clear your belongings through customs for the relocation; Tax clearance certificate can also be requested by the tax authorities of your next country […]

Tax audit in Morocco

A tax audit (or tax review) is a critical examination, conducted by an independent professional to assess the tax situation of a company. Indeed, in Morocco as elsewhere, it is a structured approach based on : First, the identification of the tax risks to which the company is exposed; Second, conducting controls, cross-checks and verifications […]

Accounting in Morocco – Overview

In Morocco, accounting is a standardized process that consists of recording the financial flows of a company in a chronological order. This discipline serves as the foundation for producing the company’s financial statements. Definition of Accounting In Morocco, accounting is governed by the General Code of Accounting Standards (CGNC – Code Général de Normalisation Comptable) […]