Holding au Maroc

Holding company in Morocco: 5 reasons to create one

A holding company in Morocco is a legal structure which aims to hold stakes in other operational companies. These companies are called "participations" or "subsidiaries". The purpose of a holding company is to control and manage financial…
Minimum Wage in Morocco

Minimum Wage in Morocco (2024)

Minimum Wage in Morocco : Increase in Morocco from September 2022 After several discussions between the government and the unions, the Guaranteed Interprofessional Minimum Wage in Morocco and the Guaranteed Agricultural Minimum Wage in morocco…
création d'une société au Maroc

Creating a Business in Morocco: 23 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid for Entrepreneurs and SMEs

Starting a business in Morocco is an exciting but challenging entrepreneurial journey. This journey, although promising, can be fraught with unforeseen obstacles, which many entrepreneurs discover too late. Faced with the complexity of administrative,…
Finance law 2024 in Morocco

Finance law 2024 in Morocco – Main tax measures

Main measures of the Finance law 2024 in Morocco (loi de finance, or LDF 2024) The year 2024 in Morocco is marked by the adoption of a new finance law, introducing significant tax reforms. These changes reflect a desire to adapt the tax…
manuel de procédures comptables au Maroc

Accounting procedures manual in Morocco

Accounting procedures manual in Morocco: One more step towards legal and tax compliance In an economic environment where legal compliance is crucial, accounting risk management occupies a prominent place in the strategy of Moroccan companies. One…
Commissariat au comptes au Maroc

Legal audit in Morocco (2024) : A complete Guide

Legal audit in Morocco In the Moroccan economic landscape, the mission of the statutory auditor or legal auditor is provided for by several laws in Morocco. It concerns in particular: First, all public limited companies Secondly,…
Contrôle fiscal, examen de situation d'ensemble du contribuable

Payment Deadlines in morocco (2024) : A Comprehensive Overview

Payment deadlines: here is what changes from 2023 in Morocco Law 69-21 recently promulgated in Morocco, relating to payment deadlines, was officially included in the Official Bulletin of June 15, 2023. This law on payment deadlines aims…

Tahfiz program (2024) : Recruiting incentive in morocco

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Tahfiz Program In the dynamic economic landscape of Morocco, the Tahfiz program emerges as a pivotal strategy for invigorating the job market and bolstering the national economy. Initiated as part of the country's comprehensive…