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Tax ID in Morocco

Social audit

Is social audit in Morocco of the same importance as other audits (accounting, tax, etc.)? Does social audit have its place in the daily life of a company? How do companies assess their compliance with current social regulations? In Morocco, the dilemma that social audit presents us with takes place in an ever-changing environment. As […]

Professional Tax in Morocco

The Professional Tax (Taxe Professionnelle, formerly called “Patente“) is a Moroccan local tax payable by all businesses. Professional tax is applicable to all forms of companies (PLCs, LLCs, Partnerships…) as well as branches. Professional Tax – Scope of application First, note that every legal or natural person that carries out a professional activity in Morocco […]

Registered Office Relocation

Before covering registered offices relocation in Morocco, we should define the term “registered office” (also “headquarters”) under the provisions of the Moroccan Law. In Morocco, the registered office (headquarters) is the fiscal and administrative address of the company. This address is recorded in the trade register. Headquarters must be indicated in the following documents: The […]

Company Domiciliation in Morocco

Company domiciliation in Morocco First of all, let’s define company domiciliation. Domiciliation is the provision of a legal address to a company without the company itself being located there. This address will only be used for correspondence with administrations and third parties. First: Legal purpose When a company is set up, it must be given […]

VAT credit refund in Morocco

Did you know? It is possible to obtain a VAT credit refund in Morocco. It is necessary, however, to apply for it and to respect certain rules of substance and form. Upsilon Consulting gives the key elements of the process. Read our guide on investing in Morocco. VAT credit refund – Basis As a general […]

Capital increase – LLC

Capital Increase : What is it ? A company’s share capital is the contributions made by its partners (in an LLC) or its shareholders (in a PLC). In other words, it is the money that a company raises by issuing shares (or stocks in the case of an LLC). The amount of share capital can […]

Legal auditor in Morocco : What you should know

The appointment of a legal auditor in Morocco is mandatory for S.A. The law 17-95 has set up a general regulatory framework to guarantee the reliability of financial information. Indeed, the statutory auditor in Morocco has a legal audit mission. He must certify that the summary statements reflect a true and fair view of the […]