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Audit Social

Social audit

Is social audit in Morocco of the same importance as other audits…
Remboursement de crédit de TVA
Accounting in Morocco

Land development operations (VAT)

VAT on land development operations  From a VAT standpoint,…
audit maroc
Remboursement de crédit de TVA

VAT on services

Tax Treatment of VAT on services Article 89 of the General…
prix de transfert maroc
Transfer Pricing Documentation

Transfer pricing documentation

The 2021 Moroccan Finance Act tightened transfer pricing documentation…
Tenue de comptabilité

Accounting in Morocco

Why you should entrust your accounting in Morocco to a qualified…
quitus fiscal

Tax clearance for permanent departure: Procedure

Tax clearance certificate is a necessary document for resident…
cartographie des risques

Risk mapping: what you need to know

Risk mapping is a generic term used in various management areas.…
audit fiscal

Tax audit in Morocco

A tax audit (or tax review) is a critical examination, conducted…
Continuité d'exploitation

Principle of Continuity in Moroccan Accounting

The principle of continuity is one of the fundamental accounting…
General Code of Accounting Standards

General Code of Accounting Standards (CGNC)

General Code of Accounting Standards (CGNC – Code Général…
Accounting in Morocco

Accounting in Morocco - Overview

In Morocco, accounting is a standardized process that consists…