Legal Formalities in morocco – Upsilon Assists You

Qualified Formalities Team for Comprehensive Legal Services

Our firm boasts a team of skilled formalists capable of handling all your business’s legal formalities.

From capital increases, capital reductions, and head office transfers to mergers, share transfers, and management changes, our formalists possess the knowledge and expertise to draft documents that safeguard your interests. They will complete the legal formalities you need in record time.


Our legal department assists you in all the administrative procedures required.

We ensure meticulous follow-up and guarantee the smooth progress of procedures in compliance with current regulations.

Our scope of intervention

Our services include:

  1. Company formation;
  2. Changing your company’s legal form;
  3. Legal secretariat and annual accounts approval;
  4. Name change;
  5. Head office change;
  6. Modification of the fiscal year or business purpose;
  7. Management of board or supervisory board mandates;
  8. Management change;
  9. Capital modification operations.


Our teams also handle specific operations, such as:

Transferring a business fund requires a special procedure (advertising, respecting opposition deadlines, etc.), protecting both buyer and seller interests.

Therefore, Upsilon Consulting advises and assists clients throughout these procedures, including:

  • Business fund valuation;
  • Drafting of the transfer deed;
  • Completion of formalities;
  • Tax obligations;
  • Buyer or vendor due diligence.

Thus, clients looking to carry out business transfer operations can also seek our assistance, especially for transfer deeds and legal and tax formalities.


Upsilon Consulting can advise on legal aspects related to managing your staff (drafting employment contracts, dismissal procedures, etc.).

Furthermore, clients employing foreign nationals will receive our full assistance. We handle the entire administrative process, including obtaining work attestations from ANAPEC, foreign employment contract visas, residence permit acquisition, and tax declarations.

In general, we handle all status changes and commercial register modifications.

Other Services

  • Accounting in Morocco
  • Tax auditing in Morocco