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Financial reporting in Morocco: 1 practical guide

Accounting and financial reporting in Morocco In Morocco, accounting law 9-88 imposes a principle of transparency on all traders. Indeed, commercial companies must: First, develop accounting information in the form of summary statements…
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Corporate income tax: accounting rules in force in Morocco

This article deals with the accounting rules in force in Morocco in relation to corporation tax. This article is up-to-date with the accounting provisions in force in 2024. Definition and concept of accounting rules in force in Morocco Corporation…
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Accounting general ledger in Morocco – 1 comprehensive guide

The general ledger occupies a central position in business accounting. It is an essential accounting document that meticulously records all of a company's financial transactions. Each transaction is recorded and detailed by account, which…

Accounting journal book in Morocco: an essential accounting tool

In the field of accounting, the accounting journal book is an essential pillar for maintaining accurate financial records.
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Deductible operating allowances in Morocco (2024)

allowances Operating allowances are deductible expenses in terms of corporate taxes for businesses in Morocco. Having a detailed understanding is a necessity for navigating Moroccan taxation. Indeed, Moroccan taxation is complex and…
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Chartered Accountant in Morocco – How to Enter the Profession?

How to Become a Chartered Accountant in Morocco (also called certified public accountant) Becoming a chartered accountant in Morocco (or certified public accountant) also means being a primary interlocutor for business leaders. Indeed,…
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Accounting in Morocco

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Why you should entrust your accounting in Morocco to a qualified professional: First of all, a company can choose to do its accounting in several ways: In-house accounting: most large companies have an accounting department. As such…
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Principle of Continuity in Moroccan Accounting

The principle of continuity is one of the fundamental accounting principles of Moroccan accounting. Indeed, the General Code of Accounting Standards (CGNC) states that, to establish its financial statements, the company must ensure that it is…
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General Code of Accounting Standards (CGNC)

General Code of Accounting Standards (CGNC – Code Général de Normalisation Comptable) has force of law in Morocco. Indeed, its application is mandatory by virtue of the Dahir of December 25th , 1992 on the accounting law (loi n° 9-88). The…