Financial Reporting

By relying on our teams, you rely on cutting-edge expertise in the financial fields. We have experience in preparing reports in compliance with local, sectoral and international reporting standards.

Use our services:

  • In terms of general and cost accounting,
  • International reporting standards (IFRS,…)
  • Sectoral reporting standards (USALI,…)
  • Our teams have experience in implementing reporting tools in Excel, VBA, PowerBI,…

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Managing Partner



Have a financial dashboards of your activities out of your accounting records.

Our teams can assist you in:

  • The design of dashboards adapted to your needs and the training of your teams, which will then be managed internally;
  • The effective development of these periodic dashboards allowing managers and/or parent companies/holding to have visibility on operations;
  • The design of all management tools essential for the effective management of the company;
  • Design, implementation of management cost accounting model;
  • The implementation of budgetary management.

Contact us, to study the possibility of receiving a grant for the development of these management tools.

Our teams also have a broad knowledge of software and tools (specialized software, excel/VBA reels adapted…) in order to facilitate the development of financial dashboards.

Our teams have a sense of deadline. Because an effective reporting is also a reporting produced timely.