Risk mapping: what you need to know

Tax audit in Morocco

A tax audit (or tax review) is a critical examination, conducted by an independent professional to assess the tax situation of a company. Indeed, in Morocco as elsewhere, it is a structured approach based on : First, the identification of the tax risks to which the company is exposed; Second, conducting controls, cross-checks and verifications […]

Taxation of hotels in Morocco

How does taxation of hotels work in Morocco? What tax advantages do hotels and touristic establishments benefit from ? Hotel companies and tourist establishments in Morocco benefit from tax incentives. Indeed, these establishments benefit from two main advantages: First: a reduced VAT rate Second: a reduction in corporate income tax on sales in foreign currencies […]

Registered Office Relocation

Before covering registered offices relocation in Morocco, we should define the term “registered office” (also “headquarters”) under the provisions of the Moroccan Law. In Morocco, the registered office (headquarters) is the fiscal and administrative address of the company. This address is recorded in the trade register. Headquarters must be indicated in the following documents: The […]

Withholding tax on Foreign services (Hotels case study)

This article provides a general overview of the withholding tax on foreign services in Morocco. Upsilon Consulting offers tax & legal counselling for your specific case. Request a quotation online. Withholding tax on foreign services in Morocco The issue of withholding tax on foreign services in Morocco is more and more raised. The 2019 amendments […]

Payroll management in Morocco

Is your payroll in Morocco managed by a qualified professional? Do you have a good grasp of all the items in your payroll and all the tax implications? Payroll in Morocco – A time consuming, complex task Although it is a time-consuming task with little added value in appearance, payroll can be a source of […]

Corporate Income Tax in Morocco (C.I.T)

Corporate Income Tax : This article provides a brief summary of the provisions of the General Tax Code (C.G.I.) concerning Corporate Income Tax. This summary is not a substitute for a tax consultation or a detailed reading of the provisions of the C.G.I. and the circulars in effect. Corporate Income Tax – What it is […]

OMPIC Morocco: industrial and commercial property

OMPIC (Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Property) is the organization in charge of  the respect and protection of industrial and commercial property in Morocco. A company may need the services of the OMPIC in the following cases: Firstly, to establish the company. In fact, the Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Property is the […]