Start a Business in Morocco


Do you intend to start a business in Morocco ? Not sure how to proceed ? Is the Moroccan regulations still foreign for you ? Our firm can assist you with everything you need and more. We can help you with all the formalities relating to:

  • Obtaining a tax identifier for a natural person
  • LLCs – Limited Liability Companies
  • PLCs – Public Limited Companies

Upsilon Consulting will help you start your business in Morocco. Our services include:

  • First, choosing the appropriate legal form
  • Second, obtaining a negative certificate
  • Third, company domiciliation
  • Fourth, drafting legal documents
  • Fifth, fulfilling legal formalities:
    • Documents registration
    • Creation of tax identifiers
    • Registration with the trade court
    • Legal publicity

In addition, we provide you with continuous legal and tax advice before, during and after you start your business. All you need to do is book an appointment with our tax specialist.

Before you start a business in Morocco:

The Upsilon Consulting team assists you in the decision-making process. Our team will provide you with tax, legal, financial, and accounting advice of the highest standards, namely:

  • Writing a business plan
  • Conducting a market survey
  • Design of the ideal tax scheme for your company;
  • Explaining to you the accounting and tax management process of your company.

Our service focuses on covering all possible risks. No surprises once you start your business.

Formalities of creation

Our services take into account your specific needs:

  • First, a legal and fiscal domiciliation service. Thus, you can start your business even in the absence of a physical headquarter
  • Second, we take care of all your formalities. All you have to do is sign a power of attorney. We take care of everything else
  • Third, we provide you with all the tools you will need:
    • A guide to producing invoices that are compliant with regulations;
    • Templates of employment contracts
    • A template for your expense notes;
    • Advice on how to optimize your tax situation.

After you start a business in Morocco

Our services are not limited to the creation of your company. Once you start your business, our team will assist you with:

  • First, opening your company’s bank account
  • Then, obtaining your identifiers for online tax submitting
  • In addition, we will advise you on:
    • How to optimize your social expenses
    • How to write customers and suppliers’ agreements
  • Finally, Upsilon Consulting covers your accounting and tax returns

In summary, choosing Upsilon Consulting is a guarantee of services of the highest quality.

Upsilon Consulting’s assets

  • Chartered accounts

Our partners are Chartered Accountants (Certified Public Accountants in Morocco) and members of the Chartered Accountants board.

  • International expertise

Our partners and several team members have prior experience with BIG FOUR firms. They have served multinational clients in complex environments.

Our different experiences give us insight into the best financial, accounting, tax, legal and management practices.

  • Multilingual team

All our team members are fluent in English, French and Arabic.

  • Diverse clientele

We serve clients of various sizes (SMEs, large companies, and multinationals). We have carried out missions in Morocco, Mauritania, Ivory Coast and Guinea… And we assisted several European companies with opening branches and subsidiaries in Morocco.

  • Full range of services

Our services include accounting, legal and tax counselling, and financial reporting. We can also perform statutory audits and due diligence missions.

  • At the state-of-the-art of technology

We are reachable, available, and equipped with all necessary technologies to guarantee a fast and efficient service. Throughout the Covid crisis, we have succeeded in putting our clients and collaborators in security without delay. We will always do our best to go beyond your expectations.

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