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Accounting in Morocco – Overview

In Morocco, accounting is a standardized process that consists of recording the financial flows of a company in a chronological order. This discipline serves as the foundation for producing the company's financial statements. Definition of…

Turnover: Tax regulations in Morocco

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The turnover, as defined in article 9 of the General Tax Code, corresponds to the revenues and receivables that the company has definitively obtained as a result of: Firstly, delivery of goods Secondly, provision of services Finally,…
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Payroll management in Morocco

Is your payroll in Morocco managed by a qualified professional? Do you have a good grasp of all the items in your payroll and all the tax implications? Payroll in Morocco - A time consuming, complex task Although it is a time-consuming task…
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Deductible expenses – C.I.T. in Morocco

The understanding of deductible expenses is crucial in the determination of the taxable income, subject to Corporate Income Tax (C.I.T.). Indeed, as we explained in our article Corporate Income Tax (C.I.T), the tax base of the C.I.T. is determined…
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