Casablanca Finance City (CFC) : What you should know


Casablanca Finance City (CFC) is a Moroccan financial center with a privileged tax status. It sees itself as a financial and economic hub for financial and service activities on the African continent.

Indeed, Casablanca Finance City authority (CFCA) manages the financial center at the crossroads of Africa and Europe. The authority that manages this place has, moreover, partnership agreements with some major international financial centers. The center is currently home to financial companies and service providers. In addition, several regional headquarters of multinationals are located there.

Casablanca Finance City works to promote the expertise of its members at the African level. Indeed, the managing authority promotes synergies and interesting business opportunities that registration can have. Thus, we can notice from reading the published documents an emphasis on the advantages of the CFC network.

Casablanca Finance City (CFC) – Advantages highlighted

According to its promoters, the installation of a company at CFC has the following advantages:

First, in terms of doing business:

Casablanca Finance City (CFC) aims to facilitate the business of companies through a one-stop administrative window. An installation in this financial zone allows :

  • Easy mobility of people: Indeed, companies established in this zone benefit from a facilitated process for the recruitment of foreign staff. Companies with CFC status are exempted from the ANAPEC attestation procedure for the absence of national candidates. Candidates are, moreover, exempted from the production of diplomas and reference certificates. Finally, CFC guarantees this recruitment authorization within 3 working days;
  • Mobility of capital: The companies established in CFC can benefit from a fluidity of management of foreign currencies. They:
    • Can benefit from the opening of a foreign currency account;
    • Have total freedom to dispose of funds in foreign currency from foreign sources.
    • Benefit from an improved business travel allowance

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  • An alternative dispute resolution tool through the International Center for Mediation and Arbitration of Casablanca

Second, community relations :

CFC promotes its large community of over 200 businesses as a competitive advantage.

This community is made up of leading companies operating in diversified business sectors in more than 50 African countries. CFC is setting up a digital communication system. In addition, CFC organizes monthly events that serve to create synergies between the different members.

Finally, tax advantages :

Companies based in Casablanca Finance city (CFC) benefit from tax advantages compared to the common law system. These advantages include corporate income tax and income tax for employees.


Casablanca Finance City (CFC) – Special tax status

Despite the fact that the Moroccan government has had to make changes to this status to leave the European gray list, the CFC status remains advantageous.


Companies located in Casablanca Finance City are subject to corporate income tax (I.S.). Thus, these companies benefit from :

  • Total exemption from the corporate income tax for a period of 5 consecutive fiscal years;
  • A specific tax rate reduced to 15% after 5 years.

The companies established in CFC benefit from an exemption of the minimum contribution during the first 5 years. After this period, the law imposes a minimum contribution of 0.5% of the turnover. The minimum contribution is the minimum amount of tax to be paid.

The tax benefits start to accrue from the decision of the CFC Commission to grant CFC status.

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The employees of a CFC company have the possibility to opt for the payment of the R.I. at the flat rate of 20%.

Under the normal regime, salaries are taxed at a progressive scale with a marginal rate of 38%.

In addition, it should be noted that the RI is applied on :

  • Gross salaries and miscellaneous remuneration
  • Indemnities and benefits in cash or in kind;
  • In general, any compensation received by the employee.

If the employee has other income, he must also file his global income tax return (in accordance with the provisions of Article 82 of the Moroccan General Tax Code (C.G.I))

Employees who wish to do so may opt for the ordinary law regime (in particular employees who, because of other benefits, may be taxed at a lower rate).

Taxation at the rate of 20% is granted for a maximum period of 10 years from :

Casablanca Finance City (CFC) – Other tax advantages

  • Corporations located at CFC are exempt from withholding tax on dividends when dividends are paid to non-residents ;
  • CFC companies are exempt from registration fees on capital transactions (update: this measure has been generalized to all companies)

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